REUTERS : Special Report: Clandestine loans were used to fortify Greek bank

By Stephen Grey and Nikolas Leontopoulos ATHENS | Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:51am BST (Reuters) – The chairman of one of Greece‘s largest banks and his family took out loans totaling more than 100 million euros to finance an undisclosed stake in the bank, according to audit documents seen by Reuters. Offshore companies owned by Michael Sallas and … Συνέχεια

In Europe, poverty and inequality are political choices


As we launch our new paper on the impact of austerity in Europe, guest blogger Claire Champeix from the European Anti-Poverty Network, says the EU needs to stop breaking its promises to its citizens. Poverty in Europe is steadily and worryingly rising. It is the most vulnerable that are paying the highest price for the recession, and subsequent austerity. We … Συνέχεια

Austerity in Europe: why repeat history’s mistakes? @oxfamgbpolicy

Austerity Lorna Shaun and Canary Wharf

Today, we launch a new paper that uses the lessons from Africa, Latin America and South East Asia to warn against aggressive austerity programmes in Europe. Krisnah Poinasamy, one of the authors of the paper, explains more.   Posted by Krisnah Poinasamy Economic Justice Policy Adviser, UK Poverty Programmme 12th Sep 2013 One of the fortunate things about working … Συνέχεια

How The IMF-World Bank and Structural Adjustment Program(SAP) Destroyed Africa

Herbert Jauch , Labour Resource and Research Institute, Namibia Structural adjustment programmes (SAPs) have been implemented in many ‘developing’ countries since the 1980s. They were designed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank and imposed as a condition for further loans. Below is a brief background of the events that led many countries to accept SAPs. It … Συνέχεια

European Unemployment Remains At All Time High: Ranges From 4.8% To 27.6%

by Tyler Durden Europe may be a union, but when it comes to the distribution of unemployment rates across its 27 member nations (and as of July 1 with the addition of Croatia, 28), it is anything but. As the latest chart from Eurostat shows summarizing the just released July data, it is confusing if one should be … Συνέχεια


Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos. Once again the IMF in an internal confidential document said that it badly underestimated the damages that its prescriptions of austerity did to Greece’s economy. The greater beneficiary of the 2010 bailout wasn’t so much Greece as the wider euro zone, the document suggested. It described the rescue as a “holding operation” that … Συνέχεια

Labor in a $7 billion black hole as world carbon price collapses

carbon emissions fraud, $7 billion, black hole, carbon price, Chamber of Commerce, Climate Change Minister, COLLAPSE, downgrade, English News, European, forecasted price, GFC, Greg Combet, Labor, tax cuts

A COLLAPSE in the European carbon price will burn a hole in Wayne Swan’s budget, with the government scrambling to remodel and downgrade its forecasted price in 2015. News of the writedown came as the European price sank below $4 after measures to prop it up failed in the European Parliament. A new round of … Συνέχεια

Police break down doors to arrest gold mine protesters

skouries ΣΚΟΥΡΙΕΣ ΧΑΛΚΙΔΙΚΗ σκουριές χαλκιδική μπόμπολας ορυχεία χρυσός ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟΣ ΧΡΥΣΚΟΣ ΠΑΧΤΑΣ πάχτας πάχτασ ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΜΠΟΜΠΟΛΑΣ

The arrests at 3am spurred angry residents to attack the local police station The home of one of the Ierissos residents after police broke at around 3am on Wednesday (photo: Residents of Ierissos, a village in northern Greece, have accused police of illegally breaking down doors and violently entering the homes of two locals … Συνέχεια

For Cyprus, a Sudden Need to Play Nice With Turkey

  By JAMES KANTER Published: March 27, 2013 BRUSSELS — With its economy in tatters, Cyprus urgently needs to tap its natural gas deposits. But opening the spigot will force the easternmost member of the European Union to make the tough choices it has long been loath to confront. Since the discovery of the gas two years ago … Συνέχεια

N.Farage:»You have been warned: theft is the new model for preserving the euro «


By Robert Watts, Deputy Political Editor

Ukip urges Brits to withdraw their money from Spanish banks
Nigel Farage has urged British expatriates in Spain to pull their money out of the country’s banks.

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